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Posted in Publications by JS on November 29, 2009

Joachim Schmid Is Martin Parr · Martin Parr Is Joachim Schmid

In September 2009 Martin Parr sent me his VIP pass to the Berlin Art Forum, that he had recently received. He thought nothing of this, as he was sending me something else anyway and knew full well, he  would be unable to attend. I saw this as an opportunity to visit the fair and take photos in the spirit of Martin Parr. I was to be Martin Parr for the 23rd September. For those that know anything about my work, this must be a surprise, as my career in the art world is based entirely on orchestrating other people’s photographs. 
I then invited Martin to be Joachim Schmid, and he decided to trawl through the “”Martin Parr, We Love You”” group on Flickr. This was established a few years ago as a forum for photographers who had been seemingly influenced by his photographic language. So in the spirit of Joachim Schmid, Martin looked for the most “ “Parr-like”” images. He then wrote to all the selected photographers and invited them to participate in this project, in exchange for a copy of the book. The resulting two sets of images are what you will find on the pages of Joachim Schmid is Martin Parr · Martin Parr is Joachim Schmid
18×18 cm, 40 pages, softcover 16 €, hardcover 24 €

Bilder von der Straße, Band II

The project Pictures from the Street has been an ongoing endeavour since 1982 and has seen me reclaim over 900 lost or abandoned photographs. The collection has been exhibited widely but only once in its entirety and this is the first time it is printed as a complete set, published within four volumes. Volume Two is now available for purchase. Volumes Three and Four will follow next year.
25×20 cm, 240 pages, softcover 60 €, hardcover 72 €

As requested by interested parties, the white books are now also available as rather affordable softcover editions.

Other People’s Photographs

There are five new books in the grey series: Coffee, Documents, Encounters, Objects in Mirror, and Shadow.
18×18 cm, 36 pages, hardcover, 36 € each (numbered and signed)