Joachim Schmid

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Posted in Publications by JS on July 3, 2010

But It Is Art?
The internet is flooded with billions of photographs, many of which are hosted on photo sharing sites like Flickr. With millions more added every day, we often wonder why people decide to take these pictures, why they save them, why they put them on public display. Studying the captions and descriptions of these photographs we see a variety of reasons for their existence. But is it Art? is a new addition to my series of black books exploring the realm of online photo hosting sites. The book contains images that are screenshots, specifically from the website Flickr. Each image shows people’s attempts at creating photography “after”, “based on”, “in the style of” or “inspired by” well-known artists, to varying degrees of success. As individual attempts these samples may be charming, hilarious or bold (and sometimes embarrassing), as a group they raise more interesting questions of originality and authorship.
21×13 cm, 120 pages.

Other People’s Photographs
There are also ten new books in the Other People’s Photographs series: Airline Meals, Commodities, Faces in Holes, Fish, More Things, Pictures, Postcards, Purple, Pyramids, and Space-Time. Interested parties find photographs of the books and of sample pages in my Flickr photostream. 18 x 18 cm, hardcover, 36 pages each. These books are numbered and signed and they are obtainable only through this website.