Joachim Schmid

Paris Gallery Update

Posted in News by JS on November 10, 2017

With immediate effect I discontinued my collaboration with Galerie Alain Gutharc in Paris. Collectors who consider buying artwork from the gallery are advised that I am no longer represented by the gallery. The gallery is no longer authorized to sell any of my works. Collectors who acquired work by me from this gallery in the past are informed that I may not have been paid for those works. 


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Exhibition in Milan

Posted in News by JS on April 5, 2016

Curated by Monitor, P420, SpazioA
Artists: Eric Bainbridge, Franco Guerzoni, Benedikt Hipp, Nicola Samorì, Claudio Verna for Monitor; Luca Bertolo, Esther Klas, Chiara Camoni, Piotr Lakomy, Giulia Cenci for SpazioA; Riccardo Baruzzi, Irma Blank, Rodrigo Hernández, Paolo Icaro, Joachim Schmid, Alessandra Spranzi, Franco Vaccari for P420
Frigoriferi Milanesi, Centro per l’Arte Contemporanea
Exhibition: 8 April – 10 June 2016
Opening on 7 April at 8pm

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New Artist’s Books Site

Posted in News, Publications by JS on July 21, 2013

With the increasing number of books I have been making during the past years and with the various places where to find information about these books, things have become a bit confusing – time for a new presentation. A new site exclusively devoted to my books (and some other publications that strictly speaking are not books) is online now. The new site has a clearer structure and provides more comprehensive information as well as more visuals. It replaces the pages with information about books on this site. Interested parties who wish to purchase any books are directed to my shop.

Screening in Mulhouse

Posted in News by JS on June 18, 2013

My project Bilder von der Straße will be presented on screen at the Biennale de la photographie de Mulhouse on Saturday, June 22nd.

Workshop in Barcelona

Posted in News by JS on March 26, 2013

Widephoto Barcelona

In collaboration with Elisabeth Tonnard, I’ll be teaching a three-day workshop on artists’ books in Barcelona in May this year. For more information please check the Widephoto site. Registration is now open.

Steuerfreie Einkünfte

Posted in News, Publications by JS on January 26, 2013

Steuerfreie Einkünfte (tax-free income) is a new work that grew directly out of the long-time project Bilder von der Straße. Looking out for abandonded photographs in the streets, it was inevitable that I found other things too such as money. Usually, this would be in the form of petty cash and small coins but occasionally, I would find a banknote. For many years I simply picked all these up and put them in my wallet. In 2011, before the completion of Bilder von der Straße, I began to make annual inventories of the found money. These are published in book form.

The project’s accounting is public. Tax free income accummulated in
2011: 0.97 € + 0.01 DM + 0.06 £ + 0.20 $ (US) + 0.25 $ (Can) – Total: 1.37 €
2012: 4.49 € + 1.00 SFr + 0.04 Zł + 1.67 $ (US) + 0.01 $ (Can) – Total: 6.34 €

Vevey, Ville d’Images

Posted in News by JS on June 28, 2012

I am pleased to participate in Vevey, Ville d’Images, an ongoing presentation of photoworks in public space in Vevey, Switzerland. Two images from the series Photogenetic Drafts are exhibited as billboards for one month.
(Installation photographs by Corinne Vionnet)

Useless Photographs

Posted in News by JS on April 28, 2012

About twenty years ago I was a bit careless when I invited people to send me their unwanted photographs. I was surprised how many people took my appeal seriously. Some people do up to the recent day:

Here’s a message to the person who anonymously sent an envelope with photographs to The Photographers’ Gallery in London a while ago: Please do not send any more of your snapshots. They are absolutely useless. If you have more of them, rather throw them into the trash bin. This is where they belong. Thank you for your attention.

New Books

Posted in News by JS on April 11, 2010

There are five new books in the Other People’s Photographs series: Black Bulls, Geology, Shirts, Silvercup, and The Picture. Interested parties find photographs of the books and of sample pages in my Flickr photostream. These books are obtainable only through this website.