Joachim Schmid

Artist’s Books


A meeting on holiday, Neroc’VGM in collaboration with KesselsKramer, Amsterdam 2003
American Photographs, self-published, Berlin 2011
Are you searching for me?, self-published, Berlin 2012/2015
Art Addicts Anonymous, Edition Fricke & Schmid, Berlin 1993
Around the World in Eighty Minutes, self-published, Berlin 2011/2015
Awesome Errors, Dreadful Glitches, self-published, Berlin 2012
Belo Horizonte, Praça Rui Barbosa, self-published, Berlin 2004
Bilder von der Straße, Edition Fricke & Schmid, Berlin 1994
Bilderbuch, self-published in cooperation with Zephyr, Berlin/Mannheim 2012
Bilderbuch 2.0, self-published, Berlin 2017
Borrowed, self-published, Berlin 2012
But Is It Art?, self-published, Berlin 2010/2012
Cool Pictures, Cool Stuff, self-published, Berlin 2009/2012
Das Bild des Fotografen, Edition Fricke & Schmid, Berlin 1988
Der Leser hat das Bild, Edition Fricke & Schmid, Berlin 1988
E-Book, self-published, Berlin 2016
Errata, Edition Fricke & Schmid, Berlin 1989
Erste allgemeine Altfotosammlung, Edition Fricke & Schmid, Berlin 1991
Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Photography, self-published, Berlin 2012
Faits divers, Edition Fricke & Schmid, Berlin 1989
Fifteen Minutes on Broadway, self-published, Berlin 2014
Fotokritik (magazine), self-published, 24 issues, Berlin 1982–1987
Found on Flickr, self-published, Berlin 2013
History Lessons, self-published, Berlin 2015
Ikea Sucks, self-published, Berlin 2015
Illustriertes Tierleben, self-published, Berlin 2010
In Dialogue, self-published, Berlin 2009
Joachim Schmid Is Martin Parr · Martin Parr Is Joachim Schmid, self-published, Berlin 2009
Kunst gegen Essen, Edition Fricke & Schmid, Berlin 1996
Kunstgeschichte für alle, self-published, Berlin 2013
L.A. Women, self-published, Berlin 2011
Lambe Lambe, Editorial RM, Barcelona/Mexico City 2014
Lost Memories, self-published, Berlin 2010/2012
Main Street, self-published, Berlin 2015
Menschen des 20. Jahrhunderts, self-published, Berlin 2013
O Campo, self-published, Berlin 2010
Ohne Worte, self-published, Berlin 2013
One Day in May, self-published, Berlin 2014
Other People’s Photographs (96 vol.), self-published, Berlin 2008–2011
Other People’s Photographs (2 vol.), self-published, Berlin 2012
Phantome, Edition Fricke & Schmid, Berlin 1992
Porträts, Edition Fricke & Schmid, Berlin 1989
Quick Response, self-published, Berlin 2010/2012
Replicated, self-published, Berlin 2012
Retratos decisivos, PhotoEspaña, Madrid 2004
Seventy-Five Are Better Than Thirty-Two, self-published, Berlin 2011
sind wir dumm – Ein Lexikon der Suchvorschläge, self-published, Berlin 2017
Sinterklaas ziet alles, Nederlands Foto Instituut, Rotterdam 1998
Sixty-Eight Minutes on the Sunset Strip, self-published, Berlin 2014
Sorry. A Book of Errors, self-published, Berlin 2016
Souvenirs, self-published, Berlin 2010/2015
Tausend Himmel, The Photographers’ Gallery, London 2007
The ABC of Popular Desire, self-published, Berlin 2013
The Coach House / An Inventory, self-published in cooperation with Graphic Design Museum, Berlin/Breda 2011
The Face in the Desert, National Museum of Photography, Bradford 1999
The Missing Pictures, self-published, 2009/2012
The Showbag Book, self-published, Berlin 2008
Twentysix Gasoline Stations, Every Building on the Sunset Strip, Thirtyfour Parking Lots, Nine Swimming Pools, A Few Palm Trees, No Small Fires, self-published, Berlin 2009
Two Hundred Alternative Facts about Mr T, self-published, Berlin 2017
Unfortunate Selfies, self-published, Berlin 2016
Very Miscellaneous, PhotoWorks, Maidstone 1997
Viaggio in Italia, P420 Arte Contemporanea, Bologna 2015
Vom Gehen, self-published, Berlin 2017
Von eigener Hand, self-published, Berlin 2013
When Boredom Strikes, self-published, Berlin 2009/2012
X Marks the Spot, self-published, Berlin 2013
¥€$, self-published, Leerdam 2016

You find comprehensive information about my books, editions, ephemera, and catalogs of my work on the schmidbooks site. For ordering books please visit my shop.

My books are in the following collections:
Art Gallery of York University, Toronto
Berlinische Galerie, Berlin
Biblioteca da Escola de Belas Artes da Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais, Belo Horizonte
Bibliothèque Kandinsky, Musée National d’Art Moderne Centre Pompidou, Paris
Bibliothèque Nationale de France, Paris
Booklet Library, Tokyo
Cleveland Institute of Art, College of Art
Fonds Régional d’Art Contemporain Nord–Pas de Calais, Dunkerque
Fotohof, Salzburg
Freie Universität Berlin
Hasselblad Center, Gothenburg
Ingalls Library, The Cleveland Museum of Art
International Center of Photography, New York
John M. Flaxman Library, School of the Art Institute of Chicago
Koninklijke Bibliotheek, Nationale Bibliotheek von Nederland, The Hague
Kunst- und Museumsbibliothek der Stadt Köln
Kunstbibliothek, Berlin
Kunsthistorisches Institut in Florenz · Max-Planck-Institut
Les arts au mur / Artothèque de Pessac
Museo de arte contemporáneo de Vigo
Museo di Fotografia Contemporanea, Cinisello-Balsamo
Museu d’Art Contemporani de Barcelona
Museum Folkwang, Essen
Museum of Modern Art, New York
National Art Library, London
Nederlands Fotomuseum, Rotterdam
New York Public Library
Paul D. Fleck Library and Archives, The Banff Centre
San Francisco Museum of Modern Art
Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam
Tate Library and Archive, London
Thomas J. Watson Library, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York
University of California, Los Angeles
Van Abbemuseum, Eindhoven
Visual Studies Workshop, Rochester