Joachim Schmid

X Marks the Spot (2013)

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  1. […] The next book that I will talk about is Joachim Schmid recent « X marks the spot ». Joachim Schmid is an activist in book publishing, using a lot the « print on demand » process. Here he shows a collection of pictures made with the camera located in Dallas – Texas, on Dealey Plaza. The originality of this camera is that its purpose is not the security. This location is the exact point of vue that had the sniper when he killed J. F. Kennedy on November 22, 1963. Everyday, many people try to avoid cars to reach the X marked on the ground, indicating the position of the car of the President, to be photographed on the site. This book fits completely with the manifesto which was proclaimed in 2012 in Arles, called « From here on », as a statement for the basis of new photography, whom Joachim Schmid was one of the signatories. This work tells less about control and surveillance than about the appropriation of an historical event with the new materials and technologies, but also about globalization which means that we are able to transport ourselves on the other side of the planet to be spectator, or voyeur, of an instant. It is dizzying when you see someone on the other side of the camera who is moving : could, this person, at this precise moment, have in mind that you are watching him from your desktop ? (at least this is what I feel when I use those kind of livecams). […]

  2. […] Another day and the Grand Miniclick Photobook Advent Calendar rolls on with Jim Stephenson choosing a long-time favourite he finally picked up in book form at Offprint in November. Joachim Schmid’s ‘X Marks the Spot’…    […]

  3. […] I was reminded of this piece by artist Joachim Schmid after our discussions today. Shmid recorded tourists visiting the site where John F. Kennedy was assassinated, marked by an X in the middle of a freeway on-ramp, from a webcam positioned in the window from which the fatal shot was fired. Description and some images of the installation here. […]

  4. […] Schmid’s X Marks the Spot (about people who have their photo taken at the spot where JFK was […]

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